Published on: Aug. 24, 2018
Visit Savannah Identifies Target Market for 2019: “The Sophisticated Visitor”

In a recent staff leadership retreat, Visit Savannah department heads collaborated on a number of initiatives to focus on for 2019 and beyond. One of those initiatives included creating our own definition of who the ideal visitor to Savannah is. To that end, the staff settled on the following:
The sophisticated traveler is inspired by the wonder of travel and yearns for access to the people, places and experiences of all that is unique and unexpected. This traveler seeks immersive opportunities within the local culture.

The sophisticated visitor to Savannah knows that travel means more than thread counts, Michelin stars and price tags. It means authenticity, engagement, and experiential travel that improves or transforms their lives. They seek off-the-beaten path adventures, show a willingness to try new things, and share those experiences with their social network. They are open-minded individuals who appreciate cultural experiences and assign high value on visiting a place whose people convey true Southern hospitality.

The position statement above will serve as the cornerstone of the 2019 Visit Savannah Business Plan and Budget. If you have feedback, please share it with us at

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