Georgia’s film industry ranks number one globally in the production of the top grossing feature films, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, California, Louisiana, and New York.

In July 2020, Business Facilities Magazine ranked Georgia as the No. 1 state for motion picture and TV production. Prior to the pandemic, Georgia was on pace to have a record setting year in film production. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down virtually all film production for several months. After the pause, production activity resumed, but production in this air-travel dependent, relatively high-contact industry is unlikely to normalize until 2022.

Since the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act was signed into law in 2008, direct spending by the film industry has increased from $93 million in 2007 to $2.9 billion in FY 2019. In 2018, Georgia’s film industry ranked third to California and New York in the production of all feature films – 2019 ranking were not available at the time of this writing. State incentives help to ensure that nearly all studio space is booked. The Georgia Film Academy helps to ensure that well-trained workers are available. Georgia’s diversity of locations provides a good fit for a wide range of film and TV productions. Georgia is at the stage of development where new movie and film production increasingly begets additional movie and film production. As the professional, technical, and physical infrastructure becomes even more fully developed, the economic benefits of each dollar spent on film and television production in Georgia should generate larger economic impacts for our state’s economy.

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