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The Creative Coast’s vision is for Savannah/Chatham County to become the economic hub of the most creative, innovative and progressive region in Georgia

Efforts to bring high-tech jobs or knowledge-based businesses culminated into the creation of the Creative Coast Alliance (TCCa). This organization is a non-profit entity founded by the City of Savannah, Chatham County and the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA). TCCa exists to help create, grow and attract high-wage jobs and knowledge-based businesses.

The Creative Coast Vision is for Savannah/Chatham County to become the economic hub of the most creative, innovative and progressive region in Georgia (and perhaps one day, the Southeastern U.S.), with continually increasing opportunity and prosperity.

What is the most effective long-term approach for achieving such a vision? From an economic development perspective, it is to help create, grow and attract higher-than-average-wage jobs and knowledge-based businesses (KBBs), furthering the development of a creative and innovation-based economy. Savannah is poised to emerge from this recession on the right side of the new economy and TCCa is trying its best to make sure that happens.

To that end, TCCa is a focused, collaborative partner in community economic development, working with many state and local agencies and organizations, though none more closely than the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA).

Aside from attraction efforts, TCCa dedicates the majority of our time to the community, working with established businesses, entrepreneurs, economic development partners, colleges and universities. TCCa hosts networking events with strategic business goals or industry focus in addition to offering a variety of business education and professional development programs. TCCa works closely with Ariel Savannah Angel Partners, among others, to identify new funding sources for companies seeking capital. TCCa meets regularly, one-on-one, with local KBBs and entrepreneurs to offer information, ideas and resources.

Last but not least, TCCa manages a website that draws between 20,000-30,000 unique visitors monthly, more than 5,000 of those being registered users and local business owners, and a blog that generates relevant discussion and awareness of related business issues. TCCa also runs a successful jobs and resume board, connecting talent to jobs and jobs to talent. At any one time, the website has more than 100 jobs posted, and since July 2008, has facilitated more than 140 individual job placements.

To learn more about their work, please visit or call 912.447.8457.

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