Published on: Feb. 8, 2019
River Street Sweets Promotes Their Products at Main Visitors Center

Jeanne McMillan from River Street Sweets is pictured giving out praline samples and brochures to visitors at the Main Visitor Center on MLK last week.
River Street Sweets took the opportunity to promote their business at Savannah’s Main Visitor Center on MLK, and if you are a hospitality member business, you can too. The Main Visitor Center has several areas where hospitality members can showcase their business by providing food tastings, book signings, product demonstrations, coupons or samples, and ideal for hotels and B&Bs to book rooms by being among the first welcoming Savannah faces that the visitor sees when they arrive in town and try to orient themselves.

You can request your very own member showcase opportunity by calling Mava Byrd at 912-944-0440 ( or John Reed at 912-644-6454 (

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