Published on: Jan. 16, 2019
Police Officer from China Stops at VIC on Savannah Trip

First impression specialist Joel Weber has been helping visitors to Savannah for 11 years. Joel says that one of the real benefits of the job is the opportunity to meet some really neat people. Some are memorable, like the day Caroline Kennedy appeared at the desk. “I didn’t realize who it was,” says Joel, “until she left and someone said: “Wow, that was Caroline Kennedy.””
One of his all-time favorites was a young woman from China with an infectious smile and a ton of enthusiasm, who said her name was Vivian.

After receiving Joel’s help to download the app for Savannah visitors in Mandarin, Vivian asked for a picture to commemorate her visit. When Joel asked her what she does for a living, the five-foot tall woman responded that she works as a police officer.

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