Published on: Apr. 30, 2019
Destinations Services Presents to NC Association of REALTORS

Last week, Laurie Humphries, Visit Savannah’s destination services manager, presented to the 2020 Region 4 Conference Committee hosted by the North Carolina Association of REALTORS. This new city-wide convention will take place in October of 2020 and the region is comprised of the following four states coming together: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. Though each state holds their own individual conventions, this will be the first time they will come together for one conference since 1947.

Although Savannah is not a part of Region 4, this location was selected as a destination due to its ease of access from each state and by the suggestion of Mandy Lowe, the director of events for the North Carolina Association of REALTORS, who has hosted several meetings here in Savannah including the Annual Meeting for North Carolina. The destination has been showcased as great for conventions, tremendous hospitality and a positive reputation.

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