Published on: Jan. 23, 2023
Associate Editor of AFAR Magazine, Destinations Visits Town

Chloe Arrojado, Associate Editor of AFAR Magazine (Destinations), met with Visit Savannah’s Public Relations Team last week. Launched in August 2009, AFAR is written for those who travel the world and want to connect with its cultures. Editorial content focuses on world culture, geopolitics, nature travel, and personal growth, including music, arts, literature, anthropology, language, architecture, food, urban planning, sports, history, politics, economics, technology, business, religion, the environment, eco-travel, and transformation through travel.

AFAR has over 275,000 print subscribers and more than 700,000 website views per month. While in Savannah, Arrojado explored our culinary and cocktail scene, new hotel developments, local entrepreneurs, and many of Savannah’s cultural centers.



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