Published on: Nov. 27, 2017
SCORE Savannah Presents “How to Improve Your Credit Score” Workshop

On Thursday, December 14, SCORE Savannah will host a workshop for business owners and prospective business owners on how to improve credit scores. The session will be hosted by Mr. Richard Reeve, Director of Financial Education at The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Savannah Area, and will address the following critical points:

  • How to access your free annual credit report, and its importance to you.
  • What to look for in reviewing a credit report, and why.
  • What to do when you find errors in the report.
  • What factors impact your credit score.
  • How to manage, build, repair and/or rebuild your credit score.


The session will take place at the SCORE Conference Room at 111 E. Liberty Street. Admission is $10 and advance registration is required. Call SCORE Savannah at 912-652-4335 to reserve your spot.

Mr. Reeve graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Political Science. He worked in real estate technology,sales and financial counseling for students. He joined CCCs in 2009 as a credit counselor certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. He has since trained thousands of individuals and families on budgeting, credit, debt reduction, foreclosure intervention, home buying, bankruptcy and the use of reverse mortgages. He provides community based financial education programs in partnership with employers, governments, the armed services, schools and nonprofit organizations. He currently represents CCCS on the Step Up Savannah Public Policy Committee.

Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than 10 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through individual mentoring and workshops. In 2016 SCORE Savannah helped start 135 new businesses and create 329 non-owner jobs. More than 11,000 mentors in over 320 chapters nationwide continue to be known as “Mentors to America’s Small Business.” Nationally, SCORE Savannah has been nominated for Chapter of the Year, competing with only 30 other star chapters vying for this honor. Find out why: call for a confidential appointment at 912-652-4335. Visit SCORE Savannah’s website at

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