Published on: Mar. 8, 2021
Savannah Spotlight: The Savannah Underground

We appreciate our members and each week provide insight about member companies and their services. This week we spotlight:

The Savannah Underground
223 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Savannah, GA 31401

The Savannah Underground is a ghost hunting attraction like Savannah has never seen. It’s a new way to experience Savannah’s dark & terrifying past as three creepy, true tales play out around you in a 360-degree set.

The Savannah Underground is new to Savannah, so we have lots of new things happening. We have been working on executing this immersive experience for years, and we are finally at the point where we can share this attraction with Savannah locals and tourists. You will find that The Savannah Underground is where history meets scary!

One thing we love about The Savannah Underground is that we do not currently have any direct competitors. As of now, we are the only immersive experience in Savannah. Our closest competitors are trolley tours and ghost tours, but we offer something completely different from them. With TSU, customers are going to get haunted history and a haunted experience that allows them to interact and be a part of the experience.

It’s impossible to list all the things we love about Savannah, but here’s a list: – The haunted history (…we wouldn’t have a show without this one) – The people (Savannah locals are pretty chill) – The food (The options are endless) – The small business presence – The beauty – The container ships – River Street – The tourists

Our Savannah Spotlight series provides insight about local companies and their services. We appreciate members investment in the Chamber and are always looking for new ways to showcase our members and increase brand visibility within the community. For your chance to be featured, click here to apply.

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