Published on: May. 28, 2021
Savannah Spotlight: Shabazz Seafood

We appreciate our members and each week provide insight about member companies and their services. This week we spotlight:

Shabazz Seafood Restaurant
502 West Victory Drive

Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started.
Shabazz Seafood has been continuously serving millions in Savannah, GA since 1989 while maintaining the tradition having the best fish in Savannah. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best food experience from our signature Fish Supreme Combo, our delicious Shabazz Seafood Platter, to the flavorful Malika Shabazz Juice.

Tell us a little bit about your Netflix episode and what viewers can expect on June 9th.
Viewers can expect us to explain why our signature Fish Supreme Combo made us known as having the Best Fried Fish in Savannah for over 32 years. Viewers will learn more about our history and will be introduced to the next generation of Shabazz Seafood.

What make Shabazz Seafood unique from other seafood restaurants in Savannah?
We are more than just food. We serve the community in all facets; and with great impact and good quality, it is an excellent combo.

Why do you think businesses should participate in their local Chamber?
Businesses should participate in the Chamber because it is a community of local businesses who strive to serve Savannah. Having community is important and the local chamber helps with that.

What do you love about Savannah?
The scenery, the history, the community, and of course Shabazz Seafood.

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