Published on: May. 20, 2019
Public Open House Scheduled for I-16/I-95 Interchange Improvements

Later this year, the highly-anticipated improvements at the I-16/I-95 interchange are slated to begin. Part of the Major Mobility Investment Program, the 16@95 Improvement Projects will provide infrastructure enhancements to the interchange at I-16 and I-95 and the I-16 corridor. These projects are intended to ease congestion, decrease travel times, and increase safety and operational efficiencies for passenger and freight vehicles.

The I-16/I-95 Interchange reconstruction will replace the existing loop ramps located on the west side of I-95 (I-95 South to I-16 East and the I-16 West to I-95 South) with new turbine configured ramps. It will also improve the existing I-95 North to I-16 West loop ramp to accommodate the proposed barrier-separated I-95 northbound collector-distributor lane to support the entering and exiting traffic from I-16.

The I-16 corridor widening will modify the existing median-divided, four-lane mainline section to a six-lane, barrier-separated section (approximately one-mile west of I-95 to east of I-516), and require the replacement and structural modifications of multiple bridges, upgrade various roadway appurtenances, construct new noise barriers, and the installation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure along I-16 and I-95. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year and complete in 2022.

A Public Information Open House is planned in the project corridor to share the latest information regarding 16@95 Improvement Projects. This open house will provide an opportunity for the public to view Georgia DOT’s Design-Build Team’s innovative approach to reconstructing the I-16/I-95 Interchange and I-16 corridor widening. Join your neighbors and associates at the open house at the Garden City City Hall on June 6 for the first session from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and/or the second session from 4 to 7 p.m.

Click here to visit the project’s website for more information.

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