Published on: Feb. 4, 2019
Use Extranet’s Post Board for Member-to-Member Communications

Post Board is considered a partner-to-partner forum that allows member interactions. A user can post a new comment, reply to a comment or email the person who made the original post. It’s a great place for communication between partners/stakeholders!
Using Post Board:

To create a post, click on the pencil icon, in the upper right corner of the Post Board section.

When the ‘Body’ field appears, type in the message. Posts should be short, but they may include links/URLs.

When you have completed your message, click the ‘Create Post’ button.

Once the message is posted, you cannot re-access it for editing. You may, however, delete the message and start again. Click the red ‘X’ in the upper right corner of a post to delete it. Be aware that messages cannot be retrieved once deleted.

Employees of the DMO that have Sys Admin access are able to delete any post on the board (partners/stakeholders can only delete their own posts). Both posts and/or individual comments added to posts may be deleted. This ability allows the DMO to be the final arbiter of acceptable posts and and comments on the Post Board.

If you want to respond to a message, the Post Board includes two options:

1. Click the speech bubble icon, below the message, to write a comment that will display below the initial post. Anyone who clicks on the speech bubble icon can view your comment. You cannot edit comments after you post them, but you can delete them.

2. Click the envelope icon to write an email message to the person who created the initial post. Your computer, not your CRM, may need to be configured appropriately to send emails from the Post Board.

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