Published on: Mar. 1, 2019
Exclusive Cocktail Co-Op Advertising Opportunity Available

A new year deserves a new spotlight on Savannah’s culinary scene!
Visit Savannah had such success with our 2018 culinary co-op, it’s offering restaurants, bars and culinary retail a new opportunity to market their brand. Check out our 2018 editorial piece in Taste of the South Magazine (on page 2 of the attached sheet) and imagine your brand front and center as a must-visit in Savannah’s thriving culinary culture.

Visit Savannah is providing the opportunity to participate in one of two print co-op advertorial placements this year. Don’t miss out on this promotion to highlight your restaurant/bar as a must-visit! Only six spots will be available for members for each time frame, the summer issue hitting the newsstands and arriving in mailboxes in May and the fall issue arriving in September. The format will be editorial in style, similar to the 2018 culinary co-op, and each member will receive the equivalent of 1/3 page of advertising space for $1,250.

These opportunities won’t last long, so reach out to Matt Berkin to reserve your place!


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