Published on: Nov. 2, 2018
City to Propose New Restrictions on Evening Tours

The City of Savannah’s Office of Special Events, Film, and Tourism recently put forth a proposal that would limit all tours in certain geographic locations at or after 10 p.m. While we have great concern for complaints of noise and alleged unprofessional conduct, we have a greater concern that this proposal would have a severe negative impact on good and law-abiding tour operators.
Our tourism product consists of hundreds of tour operators whose care for history and passion for Savannah are a vital part of our community’s success. The appeal of night and haunted tours for our visitors generate thousands of room nights and customers to our restaurants and retail businesses. The Chamber and TLC have heard concerns from our tour operator members that this proposal would only lead to further unworkable restrictions in the future.

As always, the Chamber believes that rational, narrowly-tailored solutions should be found to contend with valid concerns from within our community. In the case of noise complaints, there are local laws already on the books, and we support enforcing the noise ordinance in cases of disturbance at night.

On November 15, at 6 p.m. in the Civic Center, a meeting will be hosted by the City to hear feedback from the community regarding the proposed restrictions. Those who are unable to attend are requested to fill out this brief survey.

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