Published on: Jan. 23, 2017
City and County Adopt Policy for Collaboration on Athletic and Recreational Programs & Facilities

Last week, elected officials from the City of Savannah and Chatham County both unanimously adopted a Policy for Inter-Governmental Collaboration on Athletic and Recreational Programs, Services and Facilities. The policy was considered and discussed as a first-read at the Savannah Chatham County School Board meeting as well.
The policy adopted by the city and county states that both entities desire to work collaboratively, where possible, with one other and the School Board in providing athletic and recreational programs, services and facilities to maximize resources and to enhance the efficient expenditure of taxpayer funds. This policy signifies their belief in their duty to work together to ensure that there is not unnecessary overlap or unmet need in providing recreational services to Chatham County residents. This is a positive first step, and any specific details would be subject to further discussion and potential adoption in a future Memorandum of Agreement between the elected bodies.

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