Published on: May. 20, 2019
Calling All Leadership Savannah Alumni

Calling all Leadership Savannah alumni: we want to communicate with you! Please help us to stay in touch by verifying your email address and encouraging your fellow graduates to do so as well.

What information are we looking for?
Please share your contact information with us including your name, personal e-mail address, and the year you graduated.

What else?
Let us know what you’ve been up to! Where do you work? Are you or have you been a corporate officer? If so, at what company? Are you or have you been an elected official? If so, what position? Are you or have you been a non-profit officer? If so, at what organization? Are you retired?

Is that all?
We are also looking for your feedback about our programming. Programs over the past few years have included tours of Gulfstream, JCB, Savannah/Hilton Head international Airport and the SCAD Museum of Art. Any other suggestions you have would be welcomed!

Please send your information to Margaret Mary Russell at

If you’re able, please pass this request on in your company newsletter or around your office, and be sure to share with any Leadership Savannah graduates you may know. Thanks for your help!

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