Published on: Sep. 1, 2017
How to Aid Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The catastrophic flooding in the Houston area caused by Hurricane Harvey continues to cause displacement of Texans and difficulty in acquiring needed goods and services. Locally, philanthropic group Savannah Responds is collecting donations daily at 1711 Dean Forest Road between the hours of 9 a.m and 7 p.m. Savannah Responds has already sent two fully-loaded trucks to Houston and is currently working on filling a third truck. See their Facebook page for information on what items are most needed. The group is also looking for volunteers to help prepare and load pallets of donations for shipping. For more information or to volunteer your help, contact Michael Shortt at 912.232.9390.
For more info on how to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, take a look at these non-profits accepting donations:

For more information on ways to aid in relief efforts, check out these resources at The New York Times, Forbes and Buzzfeed News.

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