Published on: Feb. 19, 2019
Adoption of New Zoning Ordinances Imminent, Feedback Requested

After many years and a great amount of community input, the final version of the City of Savannah’s new zoning ordinance and zoning map has been posted, though a few additional changes are expected, particularly to Article 3.
full version of the document is available as well as a redline copy highlighting changes from Final Draft 5 posted on August 27, 2018. The zoning map viewer may be used to show existing and proposed zoning districts.

NewZO is the tool used to implement the Chatham County-Savannah Comprehensive Plan and revises the existing zoning code and zoning map. Zoning is used by jurisdictions across the country to classify the division of land into separate districts and regulates what uses are permitted, prohibited or permitted with conditions. It is also used to promote compatible patterns of land uses and includes site development standards to maintain consistent and compatible development pattern.

The following timeline has been laid out for the continued discussion of the ordinances:

Wednesday, February 20: Council Workshop on NewZO
Tuesday, March 12: Present revised NewZO to Planning Commission for recommendation to City Countil
Thursday, March 28: City Council Zoning Hearing
Thursday, April 11: City Council First Reading
Thursday April 25: City Council Second Reading

Feedback on the new ordinances can be heard through this time period and is welcomed. For more information on NewZO, visit the NewZO website or contact Bridget Lidy at the City of Savannah at 912-525-3097.

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