Published on: Jul. 29, 2022
The Big Top Business Event: Bigger, Better, and Beyond Brilliant 

Last week, the Chamber held Business Under the Big Top Event at the Savannah Country Club with a very unique theme for the gathering. Inspired by a part-evening cocktail party and part-cirque de soleil, this elegant business connection brought members into a networking space like never before.

The evening was graced by as many as 200 people who were pulled into an immersive experience with lively music, an illusionist’s show, tarot readings, appetizing hors d’oevres, and a unique environment where members could network and enjoy the fun atmosphere. Professionals were seen exchanging business cards and chatting over drinks, while others shared their concurrent intrigue over amusing illusions and the rotating tv dream photo booth.

We appreciate our members for making this event a huge success! We look forward to seeing everyone at the next one.

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