Published on: Mar. 1, 2021
Savannah Spotlight: Ad Specialty

We appreciate our members and each week provide insight about member companies and their services.

This week we spotlight:

Ad Specialty
402 E Montgomery X-Rds

In 1988 Ad Specialty began as a provider of custom branded promotional products and decorated garments one customer at a time through the efforts of Diana Morrison, Founder and Owner. Our product offerings have grown from 70,000 items to well over 1,000,000 to meet any promotional marketing, gratitude, or safety need.

Their 30th Anniversary in 2018, brought forth a new and updated brand and brand statement, ” Products with Purpose”. As they maneuvered through the challenges of 2020 Ad Specialty found their clients understood that products are truly not just marketing, advertising, and motivational tools but truly products that are utilized in everyday life for health and safety.

The specialty services industry has grown tremendously since 1988. Clients enjoy Ad Specialty’s true value in wrapping their heads, knowledge and expertise around an organization and formulating a targeted long exposure product plan for ROI and Sustainability. Some of those products can also be seen and sampled in their very fun idea generating showroom.

What is Diana Morrison’s advice to small businesses, short story, want success? Join the Chamber and participate in every opportunity that meets your companies’ outreach, networking, marketing and policy driven needs. It is a small investment of dollars, a good investment of time with a measurable ROI.

Our Savannah Spotlight series provides insight about local companies and their services. We appreciate members investment in the Chamber and are always looking for new ways to showcase our members and increase brand visibility within the community. For your chance to be featured, click here to apply.

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