Published on: Jun. 24, 2024
Savannah Chamber Hosts Georgia Council on Literacy Meeting

The Savannah Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a pivotal meeting of the Georgia Council on Literacy, where key literacy challenges were identified and strategic plans to address them were developed. The session featured Malcolm Mitchell, former UGA football player and NFL athlete, and CEO & Founder of the Share the Magic Foundation, who shared his insights on the transformative power of reading and the importance of community and family involvement in literacy initiatives. Distinguished guests included Mrs. Dayle Burns, the First Lady of Georgia’s House of Representatives, and State Senator Billy Hickman. The Council discussed important initiatives such as the Georgia Reads Community Awards, READBowl, and Georgia Reads Day at the Capitol, which aim to promote economic growth and enhance quality of life through improved literacy. These efforts are designed to recognize and support community partnerships, encouraging a statewide commitment to educational growth and literacy improvement. The meeting was a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of those who work so hard to make a lasting impact on literacy rates across Georgia.

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