Published on: Oct. 9, 2023
Savannah Chamber Attends Effingham County’s Community Leadership Retreat to Build Regional Approach to Growing Business

Last week, the Effingham Chamber of Commerce hosted a leadership retreat on St. Simon Island for their board, elected officials, and strategic community partners, including our own Jennifer Davenport, VP of Community Affairs and in-house counsel. The retreat featured speakers such as Speaker John Burns, Vice Chair of the State Transportation Board Ann Purcell, and numerous leaders in Effingham County.

The Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of President and CEO Bert Brantley, is one of the four chambers of commerce in the four-county area served by the Joint Development Authority (JDA). As part of one of his first initiatives, Brantley is helping to develop a regional approach to growing business that reflects the region’s dynamic nature of growth and workforce shifts.

The Effingham County leadership retreat provided an excellent opportunity for the Chamber to listen to Effingham County’s 5-year plans for smart growth. Later this month, the chambers of commerce from the four counties and their development authorities will meet again to continue building this regional project.

Developing a regional approach to growing business is a significant initiative for the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce. By working together, the four counties can create a more attractive environment for companies and investors and create more jobs and opportunities for our region’s residents.

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