Published on: Mar. 6, 2023
Legislative Update

The Georgia General Assembly completed legislative days 24 through 27 last week. The General Assembly returns to session this Monday, March 6, for legislative day 28, which is Crossover Day – the last day for legislation to pass out of one chamber to be considered by the other chamber. The General Assembly will work through Thursday, March 9, legislative day 31.

Last week, HB 514, the Housing Regulation Transparency Act passed out of the House Governmental Affairs Committee, is scheduled to be considered by the House on Monday (Crossover Day). HB 514 does align with the Savannah Chamber’s position on assisting endeavors to construct, renovate, and acquire affordable housing by waiving fees for affordable housing development. HB 514 allows local governments to waive regulatory costs of developing and building single-family housing of less than 2,500 sq feet. HB 514 also states that if a city or county intends to adopt a moratorium on residential development, it will be limited to 180 days in length and may not be extended or renewed until 180 days have passed.

In addition to this, SB 195 is scheduled for consideration by the Senate on Crossover Day. SB 195 creates an expedited licensing process of 30 days (from the previous 90 days) for military personnel and spouses. SB 195, passed out of the Senate Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Committee, aligns explicitly with the Savannah Chamber’s long-held position to support proactive military legislation.

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