Published on: Oct. 2, 2023
Leadership Savannah Delves into Economic Development

Leadership Savannah is holding two programs this month, beginning with Economic Development Day. The class was welcomed to the Savannah Economic Development Authority by Sr. VP of Marketing & PR Angela Hendrix, who introduced SEDA President & CEO Trip Tollison. Tollison explained how he and a diverse group of government leaders recruited the Hyundai Metaplant project to Bryan County. The class then traveled to Bryan County to see the massive construction site. Eric Johnson with the Joint Development Authority joined the class to give our windshield tour.

After a luncheon that included a panel discussion of other industries working with SEDA, like film and logistics, the class visited the Georgia Ports Authority. Lee Beckman explained the port’s tremendous growth and success before taking the class on its second jaw-dropping tour of the day.



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