Published on: Jul. 6, 2022
Chamber will Host Georgia’s Joint Defense Commission Meeting

The Savannah Area Chamber will host the Georgia Joint Defense Commission meeting on Tuesday, July 19 at the 165th Airlift Wing Headquarters to discuss, among other things, the recent move by the U.S. Airforce to defund and close the Georgia Combat Readiness Training Center (CRCT). The Chamber will also host a reception for the Commissioners and guests Monday night, July 18th.

The Georgia Joint Defense Commission provides recommendations that promote the economic growth and expansion of Georgia’s military installations and support long-term sustainability for active-duty veterans and civilians alike. The 19-member commission advises executive leadership and members of the Georgia General Assembly on statewide and national military issues. Senate Bill 395, Sponsored by Sen. Ben Watson, also provides funding for the establishment of a “Defense Community Economic Development Grant Program,” which will increase educational opportunities in vocational and technical training.

Members of the Georgia Joint Defense Commission:

1. Secretary William Ball (Director of the Commission)
2. Rep. Dave Belton
3. Rep. Shaw Blackmon
4. Mayor Allen Brown
5. Gen. Thomas Carden
6. Henry Childs
7. Commissioner Greg Dozier
8. John Gayle
9. Sen. Frank Ginn
10. Sen. Ed Harbison
11. Rep. Bill Hitchens
12. Pete Jones
13. Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick
14. Sen, Sheila McNeill
15. Justin Strickland
16. Sen. Bruce Thompson
17. Sen. Larry Walker III
18. Rep. Al Williams
19. Tom Clark

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