Published on: Feb. 13, 2015
Georgia Chamber Legislative Update – Feb. 13

As of February 13, 2015 …

Legislative Calendar
The Georgia General Assembly completed legislative day 15 of 40 yesterday. They will be in session Tuesday through Friday next week.

March 13 is set as “Crossover Day,” meaning that any bill or resolution that has not been voted out of its chamber of origin is no longer eligible for final passage in 2015. April 2 is scheduled to be Sine Die, or the final day of the 2015 legislative session.

Action on Key Business Legislation
The General Assembly took action on the following Georgia Chamber priorities this week:

HB 57: Solar Financing Bill
Chamber Position: Support
HB 57, sponsored by Representative Mike Dudgeon (Johns Creek), passed the House Monday by a vote of 165-0. The bill would allow for the financing of solar panels for both residential and commercial customers. The Georgia Chamber recognizes the importance of renewable energy sources as a part of a balanced portfolio for consumers. HB 57 is the product of Georgia’s utility and solar industries reaching an agreement that allows for solar development in a responsible, cost effective way that preserves the integrity and reliability of the electric grid in Georgia and does not burden non-solar customers. Click here to view the bill.

HB 170: Transportation Funding Act of 2015
Chamber Position: Support; Scorecard
On Monday, the House Subcommittee on Transportation amended HB 170, sponsored by Representative Jay Roberts (Ocilla), to address the concerns of local governments. The bill would fund nearly $1 billion a year in statewide transportation projects. Georgia’s economic success has long relied upon our position as a transportation and logistics hub and our ability to safely and reliably move both people and goods. It is critical that this bill continue to move forward through the legislative process. Your legislators need to know that the business community applauds their willingness to address this issue and that we will support them as they make what will ultimately be difficult, but necessary, decisions. Click here to email your legislators and let them know that you support transportation infrastructure funding.

SB 15: Minimum Wage Law; provide for substantive and comprehensive reform; provisions
Chamber Position: Oppose
SB 15, sponsored by Senator Donzella James (Atlanta), would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour and requires annual cost of living adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index. The Georgia Chamber opposes government intrusion into business transactions, and testified in opposition to this legislation before the Senate Insurance and Labor Committee on Wednesday. No action was taken on the bill at that time. Click here to view the bill.

Chamber News
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