Published on: Sep. 19, 2019
Drew Hunt Honored with Highest Award for Achievement at Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar

Drew Hunt, the Chamber’s director of community relations, was presented the Highest Award for Achievement from Dale Carnegie of Middle & Coastal Georgia. Drew earned this honor for her exceptional performance in The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar – “Strictly Business.”

Drew had further gained the respect of her peers and colleagues in the class leading up to the final session by also earning two additional awards: The award for Outstanding Performance and the “Crashing Through” award. These achievements are evidence of her ability and knowledge to effectively communicate, inspire others, and master the seminar curriculum.

The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar is about leadership development and is comprised of selected participants in key positions at various companies and organizations throughout the region. The seminar with a focus on communication and human relations requires the participants to make real work applications of the program tools. The purpose is to demonstrate the skills to leverage professional relationships and expand their capacity to positively influence others.

At the final session participants in the program recognized Drew Hunt as the leader in the class that most effectively applied and exemplified the principles and standards set forth by Dale Carnegie Training. Drew garnered the respect of her colleagues and peers.

Please join the Chamber in congratulating Drew for her dedication and meritorious efforts in completing the Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar and for earning the Highest Award for Achievement!

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