Published on: May. 26, 2015
City and County Police Merger Update 5/26/15

The Chamber would like to thank County Manager Lee Smith and City Manager Stephanie Cutter for their leadership and long hours dedicated to the development of the framework agreement to retain our City and Unincorporated County police merger. We would also like to thank County Commissioners Tony Center, James Holmes, Yusuf Shabazz, Helen Stone and Dr. Priscilla Thomas, as well as Chairman Al Scott for their affirmative support. The City of Savannah is expected to vote on this issue in the near future. Gathering accurate data, while the City and County managers work closely together with Chief Lumpkin, should help our community continue to refine costs while allowing us to keep the focus on crime prevention and the safety of our citizens and officers. We encourage everyone to thank our officers for their dedication and professionalism demonstrated during this process.

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