Published on: Feb. 12, 2024
Chamber Previews The Georgia Air National Guard’s 165th C-130J Super Hercules Tactical Aircraft

The Georgia Air National Guard’s 165th Airlift took possession of their first of eight C-130J Super Hercules tactical aircraft from Lockheed Martin. The new C130J replaces the older C-130H that the 165th has been flying. The new model brings the 165th to the forefront of updated technology. The Savannah Chamber’s Military Affairs Committee and the Coastal Military Affairs Committee spent several years lobbying Congress and the Department of Defense for the 165th to be included in the Guard units that would receive the new aircraft. In November 2020, the Air Force announced it had selected Air National Guard bases in Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas, and Georgia to receive 24 C-130Js to replace their aging “H” models. C-130Js have improved engines with six-blade propellers that provide more thrust and efficiency than their predecessor’s four-blade propeller engines, allowing them to fly farther and faster.

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