Published on: Jul. 27, 2022
Chamber Attends Launch Event of Savannah’s First Sustainable to-go Cups

Last week, Chamber staffers attended the Downtown Business Association’s unveiling of the city’s first-ever sustainable to-go cups. Partnering with some local businesses, this is a project that is expected to grow and become one of the many endeavors highlighting Savannah’s participation in an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral world. The design was created by Dana Richardson, a local artist who made sure to encapsulate the colorful skyline of the city along with the iconic vistas. These recyclable aluminum cups will also double as souvenirs for visitors!

The Savannah Downtown Business Association is an independent advocate actively engaged in the promotion of a prosperous downtown business community. The SDBA was first formed in 1997 and serves as a support network and advocate for businesses in and around downtown Savannah. The SDBA’s goal is to keep members informed of opportunities, issues, and new developments that could affect their businesses.

Pictured here from Left to right: Brooke Phillips, Executive Director of Downtown Business Association, Courtney Rawlins, Executive Director of Greater Pooler Area Chamber of Commerce, Tanvi Chauhan, Communications Manager for Savannah Area Chamber and Visit Savannah, and Tara Reese, Member Relations Manager for Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce.

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