Published on: Aug. 14, 2023
Chamber Attends Georgia WORKS Commission Meeting in Athens

The GA WORKS Commission (Growing All Workforce Opportunities by Remaking the Scope of Licensing Commission) met in Athens last Tuesday. The Commission heard from several organizations that addressed the barriers associated with the current licensing process in Georgia.

The issues identified by some of these organizations made it clear there is much work to do to improve Georgia’s professional licensing process. The Commission is committed to streamlining the processes for licensing, pruning redundant and unnecessary licensure requirements, and listening to public testimony on barriers the average Georgian has faced seeking occupational licensure. Our very own Bert Brantley, the Chamber’s new President & CEO, serves on the GA WORKS Commission.

“Savannah’s history as a place that welcomes new entrepreneurs means that we have many professionals that continue to face obstacles as they navigate the licensing process,” Brantley said. “It is past time that we implement significant changes to ensure government isn’t getting in the way of Georgians simply trying to make a living.”

To learn more about the GA WORKS Commission and the several organizations to address key issues, click here.

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