Published on: Apr. 20, 2023
Augusta University Students Feel College-Ready After Professional Trip To Savannah

Students from Augusta University visited Savannah to learn more about career readiness and talk to business professionals about what it takes for success. Before making the trip, the thirteen students completed a survey reporting how prepared they felt in transitioning from college to career. After taking a tour meeting with Chamber staff and listening to a presentation from Visit Savannah’s VP of Sales, Jeff Hewitt, the students reported in their post-survey that they felt much more prepared.

The results are shown below:

Summary   BEFORE   AFTER
  Very Prepared 0%   29%
  Prepared 23%   27%
  Somewhat Prepared 41%   44%
  Not Prepared 36%   0%


Director of First and Second Year Experiences at Augusta University, Elizabeth Whittaker Huggins, accompanied students and noted their feedback throughout the trip, including questions about feeling welcomed in the city, college preparedness, career growth, etc. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with one of the students offering a personalized quote:

“I liked the structure of the day and the plan of action of the day overall. The presentation by Jeff Hewitt was memorable because of his storytelling of his professional journey and Savannah. I resonated with his story of working in the hospitality industry in rural Alabama. I loved the lunch overall with the food and especially the networking with other attendants and the young professionals. I also liked exploring Savannah with my group sporadically, especially the rooftop social.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Students are now keen on repeating this experience each year! The Chamber and Visit Savannah are passionate about offering educational experiences to support the next generation of professionals. Savannah will always welcome you!

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