Ribbon Cutting for Southern Tan and Wellness

August 17, 2022 5:30 pm - August 17, 2022 7:30 pm
213 E Broad St | Savannah, GA

Join us for food and drinks, and try out our amazing beds and products!


High Tech Skin Care Meets Golden Goddess

Southern Tan and Wellness is pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of their new flagship tanning and wellness spa boutique, conveniently located downtown at the corner of Broad Street and Hull Street.

Unlike traditional UV beds that give you nice color in the short term, but damage your skin in the long term, all of the beds at Southern Tan and Wellness are high tech light therapies that actually improve your skin with each visit, “I wanted a place where you could come in to look and feel gorgeous, and know that the visit actually improved your skin,” said owner and brainchild Katy White. “The problem with tanning beds alone is the longer term damage and aging they cause.  Instead, with our red light therapies and sunless options, you’ll actually improve the quality of your skin at a cellular level, as you acquire that sun-kissed look we all want,” she said.

Southern Tan and Wellness offers:

  • Highest tech red light and sunless tanning and beautification beds improve the quality of your skin, fight lines, wrinkles and imperfections with every visit, while looking like you do nothing but lay out poolside
  • Cutting edge red light therapies like the Rejuv red light arm speeds up cell turnover,  zaps wrinkles and imperfections and dramatically shortens muscle recovery and pain from injury and workouts
  •  45 minutes in the wellness pod with infrared heat and massage will burn around 600 calories and obliterate puffiness and swelling, giving your face and neck a slimmer, more elegant appearance and improving your skin tone dramatically– you’ll love the way you look
  • Walk ins always welcome – no appointment needed
  • Affordable monthly memberships and package deals
  • Spa parties and events – all customizable
  • High tech sunless spray tanning beds – spend 5 minutes in any of these spray beds, then watch natural, bronzed color develop over the next few hours. Quick, affordable packages, stunning, year-round glow.
  • Hybrid UV and LED cool red light tanning bed – a little UV and red light get you a deeper, richer tan within
  • With a monthly membership, you can double dip all you want!  What’s double dipping? Hit the hybrid bed for a deeper, natural tan, then hit the sunless bed to really build rich color.  Add a wellness pod and red light therapy package and look out for dramatic smoothing and a flawless look. Gorgeous!

This is a mini-vacation-spa –  you’ll look like you’ve been on a yacht for 10 days, after one or two visits.

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