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When Savannah Distributing Company began operations in 1938, things were much simpler.

America was less than a decade away from the end of Prohibition. Consumers were still, to some extent, celebrating and the beverage industry was beginning to regain its position as one of the nation’s leading economic engines.

Fast forward to today. The American craft beer movement roared to life in the late 20th Century and today new brands come to market every week. Savannah Distributing is there to secure and deliver to you the most sought-after labels. Distilled spirits produced by the big companies are constantly undergoing change with new flavors and blends emerging all the time. Small distillers add another component and are rapidly gaining a foothold with uniquely hand-crafted spirits that consumers are enthusiastically embracing. And wine? Consumption continues to rise among American consumers – and Savannah Distributing Company is poised to meet that challenge by continually seeking new brands from all over the world.

Let Us Be Your Guide
With 75 years of experience in Georgia, Savannah Distributing Company and it talented team of employees stand ready to help you navigate the ever changing beverage industry. We pride ourselves on going beyond the sale to help you succeed with our brands – and to help you meet the ongoing demands of your customers.


2425 W Gwinnett St, Savannah, GA 31415
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