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Verdant - adjective; (of countryside); green with grass or other rich vegetation. synonyms: lush, luxuriant

Whether you're snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, taking in the vistas of the Swiss Alps, bicycling the Loire Valley, soaking in an Icelandic hot spring or simply strolling through the moss covered oaks of the Savannah squares, every vacation can include a little "green." At Verdant World Travels, we build a vacation for you that will allow you to Enjoy Every Day.

Whether you are a first time traveler to Europe, want to visit national parks in the US, relax on a beach in the Caribbean, or head out on safari in Africa, we can handle the details so you can enjoy the experience. We specialize in planning custom, unforgettable vacations for couples, small groups and families, first time European travelers and adventure travelers.


Savannah, GA
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