Savannah Black History Tours

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The Rita Fuller-Yates Savannah Black History Tours!
A Tour experience like no other!
Savannah Black History Tours!
Savannah Black History Tour like no other!
Join the fun as we celebrate Savannah Black History!
Join us for an amazing Tour!
lets have some fun while we learn Savannah Black History!


By delving into Savannah's Black history, you'll gain a deeper understanding of this complex and captivating city.

Some of those tours include:

Footprints of Savannah: Led by the captivating Vaughnette Goode-Walker, a fifth-generation Savannah native, this tour delves into the lives of prominent African Americans who shaped the city's cultural landscape. From the bustling Reynolds Square to the hidden lanes of the Victorian District, you'll discover stories of entrepreneurship, artistry, and unwavering determination.

40 Acres and a Mule Tour: This poignant tour, named after the promise of land and freedom offered to formerly enslaved people, takes you on a journey through Savannah's complex history of slavery and emancipation. Explore pivotal landmarks like Madison Square, where General Sherman met with Black leaders, and gain a deeper understanding of the ongoing fight for racial justice.

The Underground Tours of Savannah: Led by the dynamic Sistah Patt, this tour sheds light on the city's lesser-known narratives, venturing into the dark underbelly of Savannah's past. Explore the network of tunnels used by enslaved people seeking freedom, and hear chilling tales of resilience and rebellion that defy the romanticized image of the antebellum South.

Savannah African Art Museum: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African and African American art at this stunning museum. Explore diverse exhibits showcasing the creativity and resilience of the Black diaspora, from traditional masks and sculptures to contemporary paintings and photography.
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