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Syd Nichole: Where Fashion and Flowers Unite

Meet Sydney Nichole Newsome, the visionary behind Syd Nichole. Hailing from the charming city of Greenville, South Carolina, Sydney is not just the CEO but also the creative force that drives our brand. With a dual degree in fashion design and entrepreneurship from Central Michigan University, Sydney's passion for fashion runs deep. Her journey led her to the prestigious Paris American Academy in France, where she honed the art of couture sewing. Under the guidance of the renowned Christian Siriano brand in the bustling heart of New York City, she further refined her craft. Also while in New York City, Sydney learned the world of high end retailing at the iconic Bloomdale’s where she worked in various departments.

The Fashion and Floral Fusion

Syd Nichole is a mesmerizing fusion of fashion and florals, an enchanting experience in its own right. “We artfully strive to weave the worlds of fashion and flowers to create something truly unique, ensuring each client embarks on an exclusive journey with us, and most importantly, that every client enjoys the experience.”
Inspired by the ever-evolving beauty of flowers, our fashion transcends boundaries, offering multiple looks and garments. A recurring theme in our clothing design are garments that will transform, allowing wearers to adapt their ensemble to match their mood or occasion.

A Memorable Floral Experience

The perfect ladies night out, team building activity, or Bachelorette Party. Syd Nichole's floral experiences tap into the creative wellspring within every individual. Our flower workshops, popup flower bars, and stem shops empower clients to craft their own floral masterpieces, fostering creativity and self-expression. Among our many workshop choices, at Syd Nichole you will learn to create your own flower arrangement, personalize your own hat, or design your own disco ball.

Experience Syd Nichole firsthand by immersing yourself in one of our interactive fashion and floral workshops or by acquiring one of our versatile fashion pieces. To embark on the full Syd Nichole journey, come and visit our first retail outlet now open in the quaint historic city of Savannah, GA. Until you get a chance to visit, please explore our captivating content on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.


301 Passage Way, , Savannah, GA 31401
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