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Kearney Page Warehouse Services, LLC (KPWS) is a high quality warehouse service provider with rail served operations in Savannah, GA. Established in late 2012, KPWS is a joint venture company between The Kearney Companies, Inc. of New Orleans, LA and Page International of Savannah, GA. Our Savannah facility is rail served by CSX and is located within two miles of the Georgia Port Authority’s Container Terminal.

Kearney Page Warehouse Services, LLC’s years of expertise in commodity warehousing, import deconsolidation, and rail transloading enables our customers to realize all of the competitive advantages of importing and exporting through the Port of Savannah, GA. Through a state of the art supply chain management Warehouse House Management software platform (Davinci), KPWS is able to provide our customers with superior supply chain visibility and control.

Kearney Page is committed to forging strong partnerships with our clients. Through the implementation of unique logistics solutions that cater to our clients’ supply chain requirements, KPWS clients are able to derive sustainable competitive advantages that ultimately result in higher efficiency and reduced logistics costs.

KPWS is headquartered in New Orleans, LA with warehouse operations located at our facility on 6030 Commerce Blvd in Garden City, GA 31408. The Kearney Page joint venture is expected to support approximately 20 local jobs once the rail service with CSX is fully operational around April 1, 2013.


6030 Commerce Blvd, Garden City, GA 31408
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