City of Garden City

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Located in the heart of Chatham County, Garden City stands apart as one of the leading municipalities in coastal Georgia. Although this small city houses just under a population of 9,000 people, Garden City features a progressive blend of industry and small business, while still boasting a rich history, friendly neighborhoods, vibrant economy and quality services for residents.

Originally founded in 1939, Garden City is defined by responsive, visionary leadership, Garden City is a full-service municipality which provides everything from police and fire protection to water/sewer service, solid waste collection, street and drainage maintenance, recreational programs and facilities, code enforcement and more.

Garden City has a stable, progressive council-manager form of government which encourages open communication between citizens and their government. Each member of the governing body has an equal voice in policy development and administrative oversight. Garden City is a great place to live, work and play.


100 Central Ave, Garden City, GA 31405
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