Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah

  • Non Profit


In June, 1955 Judge David Atkinson of the Superior Court of Chatham County signed the order which created the Home Builders Association of Savannah. The Association started with 27 Charter members and today stands strong with more than 475 members. Since its inception, the Association has had 63 Presidents including our current President, Mr. Matthew Johns.

The Association has grown tremendously during the past 64 years. We now have more than 15 committees and councils. We have a Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee in addition to an Engineers and Developers Council who works directly with City and County officials to help shape the way developing will take place in the future.

In recent years the HBA has had many exciting developments. In 1998 we developed our Effingham Chapter and a few years later we developed our Bryan County Chapter. It was at that point that we legally changed the name of the Association to the Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah. In July of 2000 we moved into our brand new 4000 SF Office Building which houses our staff. The debt free building was built and paid for by the dedicated Members of our Association.


7116 Hodgson Memorial Dr, Savannah, GA 31406
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