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Hire Us Before the Breach
Some companies help you after a data breach - when it's too late. 2nd Sight Lab wants to help you before a data breach. Our mission is to help companies reduce risk and close gaps that help prevent data breaches and reduce the cost and impact of a security incident, should one occur.

2nd Sight Lab focuses primarily on cloud and application security. If it exists in a cloud environment, we can test, analyze, or assess it to determine how secure it is and what the most important things you should do to improve your security posture. We can also assess cloud security products and web applications.

2nd Sight Lab provides a cloud security configuration assessment in conjunction with penetration tests. We specialize in AWS penetration tests and assessments and have custom tools to demonstrate how your organization can make basic changes to drastically reduce risk in some cases, though we have also performed assessments in GCP and Azure environments, as well as testing on software systems that connect to customer cloud environments.

2nd Sight Lab focuses on measurable results. Clients that hire us year after year can see the progress in the reports and findings we produce. We help companies with strategies to improve metrics and quantify gaps that, when closed, reduce risk.

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