Traynor Consulting Services

  • Business Consultants


Traynor Consulting Services, with more than 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing, manufacturing and operations, product development and fiscal management, specializes in working with media companies and those requiring services related to media, executive and community intelligence.

Traynor Consulting Services offers media clients strategic and structural analysis to:

• Identify profitable audiences,
• Build new and diversified revenue streams,
• Improve reach, understanding and value in today’s digital ecosystem,
• Implement operating efficiencies, and
• Assemble and build lasting connections.

For local businesses, Traynor serves in an advisory capacity to:

• Provide insight and counsel on matters requiring interaction with media outlets,
• Bring extensive community knowledge and connections to solve strategic issues,
• Recommend digital solutions that reach desired audiences and customers, and
• Identify opportunities for efficient spend of marketing dollars.


Savannah, GA
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