Strategic Market Advisory

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It’s amazing how critical the art of trading and sales are to everyday life. And we can apply this skill set to most every business. Trading is about optimal decision making, and sales is about knowing yourself, your product, and your clients, and bringing them all together.

My passion for trading and sales allowed me to survive and thrive for 25+ years in financial services, where I built derivative trading and sales businesses in New York and San Francisco. With a client base of blue-chip global financial institutions, I have a proven track record of delivering favorable outcomes in the derivatives/capital markets. My entrepreneurial experience includes building and exiting an art restoration company, where I served as owner and business development manager. Executing the sale of our business was a catalyst for my recent M&A advisory work. I am also active with digital assets, as an advisor and investor in the space.

My pillars have always been risk management, education, and idea generation. I have leveraged my experience from Wall Street and Main Street and now focus on business strategy solutions for small and medium-size enterprise (SME) clients. I get motivated and inspired to tackle the unique set of risks and opportunities of new clients and finding winning solutions together.


Savannah, GA
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