Ambos Seafoods, LLC

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Co-owners and brothers, Hal and Drew Ambos, are 5th generation seafood dealers. For many years their nationwide seafood sales have included shrimp (with an emphasis on domestic wild caught shrimp) as well as a variety of fish, crab, and oysters. More recently the brothers have added full-scale distribution to the company’s list of assets. The company’s distribution is not, however, limited to seafood. Their partnerships with local manufacturers, Claxton Poultry, Roger Wood Foods, FraLi Gourmet Pasta, allow them to offer a wide variety of other items for distribution including chicken, turkey, sausage, hot dogs, pork, Boston butts, ribs and other pork items. Current territory for distribution covers the southeast United States, predominately Georgia and South Carolina. The Ambos family passion for the seafood industry dates back to the mid 1800’s. Just outside of the Savannah city limits, the town of Thunderbolt, GA found its place on the map due to the impact of the seafood industry with the Ambos family at the helm.Starting around 1860 with Henry Ambos, and continuing on with his son Louis Ambos and grandson Henry F. Ambos, Sr., the family demonstrated expertise in all aspects of seafood ranging from owning processing plants and unloading docks, an oyster packing house, commercial fishing, canning of terrapin and clam, and, of course, commercial shrimping.


663 E 33rd St, Savannah, GA 31401
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