Silent Dance Events

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Silent Dancing parties and walking tours are the latest rage in Europe. Now it is coming to America for the first time and we are launching it right here in Savannah!

Music and dancing makes everyone feel better. With silent dancing tours, visitors will enjoy the historical sites, the hospitality and good weather of Savannah with the rhythm and laughs guided by our dance instructors. The experience will provide our tourists with a completely new and fun perspective on our beautiful town.

Our Silent Dance system helps family members, groups of friends, colleagues, co-workers and even strangers bond together, learning dancing skills while having fun. In addition to the downtown dancing tours, Silent Dance Events will offer workout and yoga classes in the parks, and dance lessons for special events such as bachelorette, birthday parties, weddings or conferences.

In conferences, because the attendees are wearing headphones, the usual noise associated with dance music does not exist, so that is a benefit to hotel, convention centers and other meeting places.
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