Spanish Moss Home Buyers

  • Real Estate Management


Spanish Moss Home Buyers is here to provide long and short-term wealth generating opportunities in single and multi-family real estate investments. If you are an active investor looking for your next flip or rental property, we can provide you direct access to below market distressed properties. If you want to earn a fixed rate of return on your money through passive funding of our own flips while holding a first position lien, we can generate greater than 10% returns on your secured debt.

Our opportunities come by working directly with sellers to help them turn costly and neglected liabilities back into liquid assets. By focusing on those properties not fit for the open market, we provide the greatest benefit to the Lowcountry real estate market through Residential Redevelopment in areas often over looked by most investors. Give us a call or shoot us an email to learn more.


Thunderbolt, GA
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