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The Byck Family owns and manages a 400 unit housing complex located in Garden City, Chatham City Apartments. Our company is one that has been designed to last — a company handed down from generation to generation and is still operating with the same passion as our founder Mr. Sylvan Byck, Sr. and later his son Mr. Sylvan M Byck, Jr.. Our company offers a range of communities from our Garden City Mobile home property, to affordable housing, to a luxury apartment on Chippewa Square. Chippewa Square is intersected by Hull, McDonough, and Perry Streets to create one of the busiest corridors in Historic Savannah. As seen, during the summer of 2017, in a article, the spotlight made its way to Bull Street and Perry Lane.

Our retail spaces include Historic River Street with offices as well as restaurant and shopping spaces. The Southpoint Building has commercial offices, restaurants and retail spaces which are located close to Oglethorpe Mall. The Traffic Circle Shopping Center, located in Garden City, on Highway 21 is a high traffic area that will get any businesss noticed. Our property located at the corner of Bull and Perry Street features an intimate coffee shop and retail spaces that will catch the eye of many tourist on the trolley tours, horse drawn carriage tours, and even those enjoying Savannah Slow Ride as well as the pedi cabs. Even the locals have found their love for our intimate coffee shop we call Gallery Espresso, one of the best bike shops in Savannah known as Perry Rubber Bike Shop, Southern Sugaring who takes care of all Sugaring service needs, and Chocolat by Adam Turoni who is the “sweetest” tenant on the block. We also own and manage two shopping centers in Pooler – Pooler Commons and Westside Station!


4309 Augusta Rd, Garden City, GA 31408
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