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We are a high-complexity molecular diagnostics lab, specializing in preventative diagnostic testing of infectious disease. From PCR pathogen testing to other infectious diseases, we ensure fast, accurate results so that you can take proactive steps to improve your health.

In simple terms, our experts use the latest testing innovations to help you determine whether you are susceptible to certain diseases before you get them. We’re all about prevention, which means we’re in the field of looking ahead and predicting things that may not have happened yet. Having this information is crucial in transforming your health.

No more waiting for results. No more limited access to the right medicines. We are here to make sure you get the services you need to live a healthier life.

We want to remove the distance between healthcare practitioners and their patients. We’re all about helping patients understand their health so they can lead healthier lifestyles.

This means no more complex, hard-to-understand language. At P23, we provide simple, at-home testing options, break results down and take the time to explain them to our patients. It’s our goal to make preventative health accessible to all.
Our team aims to be by your side every step of the way, from testing, to results, and lifestyle guidance. Our molecular diagnostics laboratory provides genetic testing to help you understand the code in your cells and can help pinpoint the potential development of a specific disease so you can take proactive steps to secure your health.


1101 Chatham Parkway, Suite A6, Savannah, GA 31408
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