Matthew H. Folan, DMD LLC

  • Dentist


Matthew H. Folan DMD is a true general/family practitioner with expertise in:
Restorative dentistry (fillings)
Fixed prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, veneers, implant abutments/crowns)
Removable prosthodontics (dentures and partials)
Endodontics (root canals)
Oral surgery (extractions and surgical extractions)
Periodontics (gums and supporting structures)
Pediatric dentistry (children)

His treatment approach is to use the least invasive interventions necessary to do the job. He will avoid doing a full bridge if a single implant will do. He will avoid veneers if chemical bleaching will do. Dr. Folan's patients are assured that all treatment plans have the patient's long-term health as the only concern because Dr. Folan takes seriously the principle "first do no harm." For this reason, he does not perform "cosmetic dentistry" that compromises healthy teeth unnecessarily.


210 E. Hall St., Savannah, GA 31401
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