Hero Hut

  • Non Profit


The Hero Hut was always meant to be more than just a hospitality tent for veterans at a concert or festival. Our mission is to support and encourage veterans of all generations to discover a civilian life defined by service and surrounded by community. It is clear that too often veterans leave the service, isolated, without the resources, and without the community, they so desperately need and deserve. We hope to do our small part to change that through partnership and collective effort. By bringing together a diverse group of like-minded organizations we seek to create a welcoming, low-pressure place for veterans to learn about services and opportunities available to them, build friendships, and forge a connection to their local community. In conjunction with that, we take pride in honoring others that serve their communities in a variety of fashions, including first responders, volunteers, and nonprofits. The podcast ties these individual events into a larger, interconnected, virtual community. By telling encouraging and thought-provoking stories of service, we can encourage all veterans to find new creative outlets, fulfilling ways to give back, and a sense of belonging.


Savannah, GA
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